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German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz)

Die Krise der New Economy und der Niedergang des Neuen Marktes haben das aktuelle Bedurfnis nach einer wirksamen Kapitalmarktinformationshaftung verdeutlicht. Section Coercive penalty payments. Section Orders issued in the case of dissolution. Section Nullity of the resolution as to the appropriation of the net income.

Section a Notifications to the auditing oversight body. Management report Section Supervisory board Section Withdrawals by general partners. Section Removal from office of supervisory board members. Section d Conduct of the general meeting.

Section Terms governing the issuance of the shares of stock. This publication also covers the law on the liability for continuing capital market information. Section Internal organisation of the supervisory board. Section False information.

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Section d Selection, position, as well as liability and responsibilities of the contract auditors. Section a Duty to transfer the entire assets of the company. Section Pre-emptive right for newly issued shares of stock.

Section Reduction below the minimum nominal amount. Section Votes on nominations by stockholders. Section Assertion of claims to compensation. Section f Preparations for the general meeting.

Section Violation of reporting obligations. Section Loans granted to members of the supervisory board. Section Action for avoidance. Section Completion of the winding up.

Section Selection of special auditors. Section a Notices by publication regarding the action for avoidance.

No multiple voting rights. Section b Cash settlement. Section Balance sheet serving as the basis. Section Contingent capital. Section Application in Berlin.

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Section Notifications for the stockholders and to members of the supervisory board. Section Reports from members of the supervisory board. Section Retroactive effect of a concurrent capital increase. Particular reference is made to recent case law and its practical implications. Section Convening the supervisory board.

Section Suspension of the voting right. Section Duty of the members of the supervisory board to exercise skill and care, liability and responsibilities.

Section Tasks and rights of the supervisory board. Section Prohibited issuance of shares of stock and temporary share certificates. Section Establishment of the by-laws. Section Administrative offences. Section Opening balance sheet.

Section Entry into force of the capital increase. Section Distribution of profits. Section Violation of the obligation to maintain confidentiality.

Section Representation by the liquidators. Section Regulations governing the income statement. Section Action for annulment.

Section Limitations restricting the exertion of influence. Section Prohibition of competition.

Section Control agreement. Section Rights of holders of preferential stock.

Section No report on relations with affiliated enterprises where a profit and loss absorption agreement has been concluded. Section Duties of the liquidators. Section Issuance of the shares of a new issue. Acquisition of shares of stock for the account of the company or by a controlled enterprise or an enterprise in which a majority ownership interest is held.

German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz)

Section Prohibited issuance of shares of stock. Section Maximum amount of the profit transfer.

Section b Settlement payment to former stockholders. Section False issuance of proof of entitlement. Section Liability and responsibilities of the controlling enterprise and its legal representatives. Section Prohibition of payments to the stockholders. Section Action for declaration of nullity.

Section Integration by a resolution of the majority. Section Period, registration for the general meeting, proof. Section Regulations governing the balance sheet. Section Rules of procedure, neuroma de morton pdf list of attendees. Section Action for avoidance of the capital increase in return for contributions.

Presence of the auditor of the annual accounts. Section c Appointment of the contract auditors. Section Effects of the judgment.

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