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Encyclopedia of World Art. Read Next Save to wishlist. Adjacent to the pool is a sauna executed in a rustic style, alluding to both Finnish and Japanese precedents.

Following winning the architecture competition for the Southwest Finland Agricultural Cooperative building in the Aaltos moved their office to Turku. Also at Paris and at Villa Mairea he utilized birch boarding in a vertical arrangement.

His increased fame led to offers and commissions outside Finland.

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Architecture, Modernity, and Geopolitics. The qualities of his works have a meaning only as masterful distractions, not subject to reproduction outside the remote reality in which they have their roots. His wife and the office employees continued the works of the office which were still in progress.

Saving a Modern Masterpiece. Recipients of the Sonning Prize. His techniques in the way he cut the beech tree, for example, and also his ability to use plywood as structural and aesthetic. Alvar and Elissa Aalto in the s.

Visit information - opening hours and fees. Alvar Aalto is a name synonymous with Finnish architecture. Since the death of Elissa Aalto the office has continued to operate as the Alvar Aalto Academy, giving advice on the restoration of Aalto buildings and organising the vast archive material. Visit information - fees and opening hours. His plans for the sanatorium were guided by his idea that a building and its interior should complete its original function while incorporating a sense of warmth and humility.

Chambers Biographical Dictionary Revised ed. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art. The scheme also extended into the Kamppi district with a series of tall office blocks. His stairway at Villa Mairea, he evokes feelings of a natural forest by binding beech wood with withes into columns. His work can be recognized by a number of elements.

Alvar Aalto - Second Nature. During the s Alvar spent some time experimenting with laminated wood, making sculptures, and abstract reliefs, characterized by irregular curved forms. Alvar Aalto in His Own Words. Furthermore, this was the period when Aalto was most prolific in his writings, nbr 8190 pdf with articles for professional journals and newspapers.

His early works followed the tenets of Nordic Classicism, the predominant style at that time. In the fifties Aalto immersed himself in his sculpting, be it with wood, bronze, marble, or mixed media. Journal of Green Building.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. For a more comprehensive list, see List of Alvar Aalto's works. Aalto's career spans the changes in style from Nordic Classicism to purist International Style Modernism to a more personal, synthetic and idiosyncratic Modernism. It was not until the completion of the Paimio Sanatorium and Viipuri Library that Aalto first achieved world attention in architecture.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Also his famous undulating walls and ceilings made of red pine. Aalto-Asia Minor, Western. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Modern Movements in Architecture. Museum of Finnish Architecture. However, a few more recent architecture critics and historians have questioned Aalto's position of influence in the canonic history.

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Aalto glassware Aino as well as Alvar is manufactured by Iittala. We examine the work of the iconic Finnish architect and his lasting legacy today.

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Located in the small, rural village of Noormarkku in western Finland, Villa Mairea provided Aalto with the perfect backdrop to experiment. With comfort in mind, he created the Paimio Chair for the sanatorium patients.