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It's about being a whole person who is forgiving and patient and kind to herself in all areas of life - including sexuality. It also doesn't mean that you should also have an aloe garden instead of a tomato garden, or that I should also have a tomato garden instead of my aloe garden.

Nagoski encourages women to own all their feelings and be gentle with themselves, not just with regard to their sexuality, but in all aspects of their lives. Nagoski gives the explanation of female sexuality that I think most of us didn't get in health class or anywhere else really. Arousal first, desire second.

While we can be really good at dealing with stressors, we're actually not that good at dealing with the actual stress. However the remaining of the book is pretty disappointing. The metaphors were not great- sexual self as garden, orgasm as birds or flock of birds. This is a book that everyone would read! This is a really good book that I think has something for everyone.

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And I think this could really help people better grasp the truth about human sexuality in an engaging and interesting fashion. Open Preview See a Problem? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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This book is warm, funny, and generous. Is this only about straight women and cisgender women?

The examples of lesbians didn't really feel like they were specific to those experiences and bi women don't come up at all. After reading this book, I immediately knew that I would come back to it for years to come. Emily gives you scie Come As You Are is absolutely the best book I've ever read, not just on sex, tabla de iones poliatomicos pdf but on life and well being in general. Jenny It's available for purchase on Amazon.

Writing that right now made me cry. The author does throw in some studies and articles - plus some Plato, for good measure -, but the chatty tone of the book is rather that of a therapy session, if not downright colloquial. Writer thinks she is funny and she is not. My favorite part discussed how the model of sexual response is based entirely on how men work, and if women fail to be like men, they are often not considered sexually normal.

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To be a sex educator is to be asked questions. While it is framed as a book for women, there are so few times when it is women specific that I really wish it was just framed as a book for people. Trying to use pretend science to promote Chopra-like inspirations just I didn't love the self-help aspect of this book. Because these are all lessons we need to learn.

It took me a long time to read this book because the writing style annoyed me so much. You were taught to value and expect something from your sexuality that does not match what your sexuality actually is. There is nothing stuffy or boring about this book - you won't yawn from boredom. At first, I thought, even if the reader doesn't need the self help, it's still a great subject to learn more about. There are actual case studies.

It was found, for example, that wearing socks made it easier for women to orgasm while masturbating in a brain imaging machine. My laugh was not because she is funny but because of the ridiculous analogies she made. The book was also repetitive. Someone with strong brakes may need more work to turn them off and feel ready for sexy times than someone with weaker brakes. Not straight, so that's good, but not a book for someone who identifies as asexual.

Come As You Are - Crowder Lyrics and Chords

She has taught graduate and undergraduate classes in human sexuality, relationships and communication, stress management, and sex education. No shame ladies - learning is good! This book is full of things that any person even remotely interested in sex should know.

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But it touches a nerve for me when writers anthropomorphize female sexuality. This one will change This is a really good book that I think has something for everyone. However, it should be noted that other models of sexual desire are available. Then, the book was written exclusively for women, despite the fact that men need to hear this too.

It was like she was wri It took me a long time to read this book because the writing style annoyed me so much. It can do this because it's a great explanation of how women's bodies work and how history and culture have done us a great disserv I just want to buy this book for every woman I know. Worth a read if you feel clueless in this area.

We accept male-as-default forgetting that also means women lose out over and over and over again. Danielle It is only about cisgender women, but the book includes lesbian women and gives examples from a lesbian couple.

The disparity between these different kinds of desire is, of course, behind a lot of relationship stresses, whence Nagoski's clinical interest. Conceptualising things in this way turns out to add quite a lot of nuance to how we think about arousal.

Important for women and the people who love them. In other words, the book is primarily therapy, not science. You don't have to earn it by conforming to some externally imposed sexual standard. This is a valuable message for people on This book was awesome for some reasons and a bit cringe-worthy for others. Women have cultural permission to criticize ourselves, but we are punished if we praise ourselves, if we dare to say that we like ourselves the way we are.

The first lesson in this essential, transformative book by Dr. What affects whether desire is spontaneous or responsive? But then again a big narrative of this book is that where you are mentally affects where you are sexually, which makes sense.

And as long as you're not experiencing pain, you're healthy. You don't have to earn by conforming to some externally imposed standard. As Nagoski argues for too long we've basically thought about women's sexuality when we think about it as men's sexuality lite. Did I mention this book is funny? Even more than responsive desire, Nagoski is excited about something called the Dual Control Model of Arousal.