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Among them is the soldier Marlene Angel, masonic pdf books who at first appears to be heartless toward others. Yuji's actions deeply concern Marlene and she begins to realize something is wrong. The lives of the remaining recovery squad members are thrown into jeopardy when a renegade officer attempts to hijack the shuttle and escape on his own. Marlene and Dice are reunited with Yuji outside the nomad camp. But can even Yuji's fiery emotions help to melt away Marlene's icy exterior?

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It is discovered the illness that Yuji is afflicted with is the key to help destroying the Blue and taking back the planet. After learning from Seno about a new migration pattern of the Blue, Yuji and Marlene take a group of volunteers and head to an area where a massive nest is located. Yuji comes to understand how mankind can live alongside the B-cells, and returns to Marlene.

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There they find a group of humans surviving in the area. The second airborne operation meets with disaster when the Blue counterattack outnumbers Second Earth forces five-to-one. Meanwhile, Second Earth's military station's citizens revolt against Seno.

The High Council escapes to and retains control of the medical station. With Rick injured too severely to continue, Marlene and Yuji continue through the Medical Station alone.

Upon arrival, Marlene and Yuji are separated, and Marlene is sent back into training at the education station. They arrive at the main computer room to find Tony waiting for them.

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He decides to remain with Elena and her people and to live out the rest of his life in peace. The team finally comes upon a crystal formation in a massive cavern.

Eventually a firefight erupts over the last remaining overcrowded shuttle, and the station is destroyed by a massive explosion. Meanwhile a mutiny has begun on Second Earth, and Marlene finds herself with an integral part to play in the plan to overthrow the High Council. This is a turning point for Marlene and her feelings for Yuji are quite clear for the rest of the series. But with the Blue lurking around at every turn, things do not always go according to plan.

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With the Blue lurking dangerously close, he offers them shelter for the night and Yuji is given a glimpse into his seemingly carefree life. Marlene and Yuji watch this, realizing Earth is now a safe place to be, and look forward to the rest of their lives together as the sun sets. But this new cause is threatened when he learns a shocking truth about his rescuers from Second Earth. But even as the combat units are desperately falling back, Marlene pushes further into the battlefield.

The sky is turned into the newest battleground for survival. But is this unhealthy obsession with beating Tony really a symptom of a much greater problem? The attempt is thwarted, but the cost is the diversion of valuable resources from the battlefield, where Marlene and a small team of Armor Shrike pilots are fighting to stay alive!

To Protect and Serve Dual! Now she must once again stand before the High Council to defend her actions, this time with Yuji at her side.

Most of the surviving human race has moved to Second Earth, a huge space station that orbits the planet. When Yuji disappears from the Medical Station, Marlene defies orders and decides to find him on her own. With the Blue now converging on their position, the only chance of staying alive is to draw the Blue into a fight using human survivors as bait.

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The station's personnel abandon the station for Earth via shuttles. Marlene gives Yuji a crash course on weapons. Yuji is awed when a fellow Sleeper, Tony, wipes out an entire Blue nest on his own.

Marlene is separated from Yuji once again, but in his current state he does not seem to care. While Marlene flies a distraught Yuji back to Second Earth. Yuji is separated from Marlene and Dice amidst the confusion of a sandstorm. Standing orders for Marlene and the other troops are to consider any human survivors on the surface to be already dead, which greatly troubles Yuji. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. As Yuji contemplates his own place in this rapidly changing world, Director Miyagi lays out his plan to make Second Earth the permanent home of the human race. Now, Marlene must face an inquiry before the High Council and defend her recent actions on the planet's surface. Yuji decides to return to Earth to find out what Earth's will is. The series mostly focuses on Yuji and Marlene's relationship as they work together to reach Second Earth and their participation in military combat operations against the Blue.