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Each chapter is broken down into small bite-sized chunks of material with many practice exercises. Applications of multiple graphs and diagrams add to clarify the concepts. The text lacks an index and glossary.

Katherine Denniston, Joseph J. Trolled through the latter half of it and, unless something went horribly wrong on my final exam, attained an A. There is a break in how chapter questions are organized between the sections on chemistry in contrast to those about biology. The final chapter provides the connections between previous parts as the book overview. Book has some minimal writing inside.

The text, font and language used throughout the book is uniform. The availability of the glossary at the end of each chapter also keeps the terminology accessible and understandable. This book contains all the necessary pieces, good figures, and exercises for the purpose of a fundamental chemistry class.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. He has authored or coauthored several introductory level chemistry textbooks, all of which have gone into multiple editions. The only omission is Gibbs free energy.

General organic biochemistry denniston

All terms are well-defined and explained in simple yet scientific language. The text uses the appropriate terms and tone to describe fundamental structure, bonding, and steps for quantitative relationships.

Skip to main search results. Relevance of the material with biomedical research and human health is a nice addition to the text.

General Organic and Biochemistry

Scott is for the one-semester General, Organic and Biological Chemistry course. Carboxylic acids would seem to fit into either chapter, but are contained in the organics acids and bases categories for obvious reasons i. General, Organic and Biochemistry by Joseph J. Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry. Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry.

It covers basic parts of general, organic, and biological chemistry but without much depth. The textbook provides a good overview of general, dungeons and dragons players handbook pdf organic and biological chemistry.

However, some of the connections to health and chapter introductions will need updates over time to keep up with changes in the health professions. There is no index or glossary.

Tell us how we can improve If you need help, please visit the help section or contact us. Each chapter has sections that tell students about various careers in science and how the information relates to human health. She earned her PhD from the University of California at Riverside and has a background in enzyme and peptide chemistry. However, some of the hotlinks to additional material do not work and need to be updated. The book had bolded words for clarity, and use adequate tone and description for this level.

Each of the twenty chapters is divided into concept sections containing learning objectives, examples, skill-building exercises, concept review exercises, and answers. There is no stand alone index or glossary but within the text there are definitions of bolded and underlined words if you hover over them with the mouse. The resolution of formulas in the text as well as in the problems can be better. The textbook contains up to date information and provides examples and additional information that cover scientific advances from the last decade.

Each chapter in the book does follow a consistent pattern including Learning objectives, examples, skill-building exercises, concept review exercises and key takeaways. Well written and quite clear.

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But based on the font size some of the references posted on the bottom of the page are located differently since some parts are divided by page-beaks. Ball is a professor of chemistry at Cleveland State University in Ohio. The textbook is organized in a typical format with initial more general topics, followed by organic and then biochemistry relevant topics. This allows for sections to stand alone, making reorganization into any order easy. Based on the preface, this particular book was specifically written for a one-semester course.

Roughly half the book is devoted to general chemistry and there is a large focus on metabolism at the end. However, some typos do exist. The text's prose is very accessible to the beginning chemistry student.

General organic biochemistry denniston

However, this book has some room for improved navigation within the text. In all of the instances that I noticed, the table headings are present on both pages of a split table, which certainly helps mitigate some of the distraction. The framework of the sections within each chapter remains consistent throughout the textbook. As an introductory book the topics are clearly presented at a level that is easy to follow throughout the chapter. Some links need to be updated but it should be relatively easy with the online textbook format.

This created a lot of work when navigating within the textbook. The lack of an easy way to navigate to each of the chapter sections makes it difficult to move around in the book. There is a section at the end of each chapter devoted to summarizing the chapter including the keywords.

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There were no cultural sensitivity issues detected during my review of this text, based on the lack of cultural material provided. The topics in the book are adequately described without going into much details. However, the text lacked photos which could serve as a means to include a variety of races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and different genders. Within the subtopics some instructors will probably want to eliminate some details i. However, the textbook could be improved through more inclusive examples, applications and cultural relevance.

In addition, each chapter includes appealing features such as the Opening Essay, To Your Health, and Looking Closer that help students make connections with the chemical concepts presented. The topics are well subdivided so updating any revised sections should be easily done. All subtitles are uniform through the text and clearly labeled. The book is written in an accessible way by keeping non-majors chemistry students in the mind. In addition, each chapter consistently contains features such as the Opening Essay, To Your Health, and Looking Closer, which makes the chapter more appealing for students.

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It is not in-depth, but it provides enough information for an introduction to each of these areas of chemistry. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. It includes up to date information.