International Cash Management Pdf

Treasury organisation Legal and regulatory constraints Treasury objectives Corporate culture. Evaluate the regulatory and taxation issues that particularly impact cash management decisions and structures. Explain the importance of treasury policies and procedures and how they can be used to develop key performance indicators to measure treasury performance. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a proposed structure for managing global liquidity. Evaluate how factors such as treasury organisation, legal structure and regulatory constraints influence account structures.

You can take your assessments from anywhere in the world, wherever you have a reliable internet connection. The following fee applies if you are eligible for an exemption from the Award in Cash Management Fundamentals. Assess the issues when implementing new technology, reviewing performance and ensuring system security. Your student membership is valid for the duration of your month learning licence, or until you pass your full qualification, whichever is soonest.

Formulate a strategy for managing the risks involved in doing business internationally. The assessment is one online exam. There are four exam windows each year to choose from.

International cash management pdf

This unit explains how the financial statements are used by different parties to better understand and manage the company. Course materials are online so you can start your studies at any time. Instructions on how to book your own accommodation will be provided after your booking has been processed. Determine the most appropriate payment method for making international payments. Your booking will be processed within five working days.


International cash management pdfInternational cash management pdf

This means that you can study until you feel ready and then you can book your assessment time for the next available window. Determine how international payments and collections can be made more efficiently. Determine the optimal investment strategy by comparing interest rates on investment instruments.

Student discussion forum Online tutor support forum Access to study techniques and tips Access to additional resources. Recommend any possible future courses of action having reviewed the implications of cash forecasts. Study guides take you through the learning step-by-step Study guides can also be downloaded, if you prefer to learn offline Practice progress tests after each unit Practice exams.

Evaluate how a netting centre can be used as a platform for further liquidity management efficiencies. Recognise the importance of bank relationship management, plc based projects pdf free and the various roles that banks fulfil for treasury. This is hosted in the countryside with classes during the day and activities in the evening. Critically analyse the role that technology plays in supporting treasury. Construct an account structure that is appropriate for different regions of the world.

Perform simple financial analysis by computing important financial ratios, such as liquidity, gearing and performance ratios. Calculate interest on a bank account.

Would you like a free sample of the study materials for the Certificate in International Cash Management so that you can try before you buy? Explain the challenges and issues in making international payments and collections. Evaluate the options available to the cash manager in using trade vehicles to mitigate risk in international transactions. Recommend improvements to the cash conversion cycle through the calculation of the cash conversion cycle and the value of trade discounts.

Find out more about in-company solutions here. Evaluate the tax, legal and regulatory issues associated with cash pooling. Recommend vehicles to mitigate different types of risk, especially foreign exchange risk. Recommend appropriate treasury structures for different scenarios.

Evaluate the optimal location for a foreign currency account. You can request for a sample to be emailed to you by filling in your details in the form below. There are four assessment windows every year. Evaluate the functionality offered by different treasury systems. Construct a forecast using the information provided.

International cash management pdf

International Cash Management Certificate

International cash management pdf

This may result in exemptions ranging from one study unit to the whole qualification. There are however a number of ways for you to get recognition for what you have already learnt and achieved through your previous studies of either professional qualifications or at university. Assess the different purposes for which treasury uses the major cash flow forecasting techniques. Following several recommendations, I was keen to gain the qualification to validate and, ultimately, improve my knowledge of this broad and complicated business.

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Identify the ways in which cash can be released back into the operating cycle using trade financing vehicles. When you start studying, you buy your online learning materials and student membership at the same time.

International cash management pdf

We can also deliver cash management learning to companies with teams that are interested in taking either the full qualification or selected units, and tailor it to your business needs. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different treasury structures, from centralised to decentralised. Upon submission, you will receive an automated summary email. Differentiate between the various types of clearing and settlement systems. There are no entry requirements for this certificate.

Use spot, forward and spot calculations showing when it is appropriate to use each of them. Critically assess accounts receivable and accounts payable in order to recommend how the organisation can optimise working capital. Recommend a banking structure that will support the treasury objectives.