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LTE Protocols and Procedures Introduction

Both sides of the link needs to be capable of running the same header compression algorithms. However they are listed in are for the completeness of the channel picture. That bearer is referred to as the default bearer. What is a Transport Channel? It allows releasing the resources allocated during a preparation.

The source access system decides about starting the preparation and provides the necessary information to the target system in the format required by the target system. The amount of data is indicated in number of bytes. It consists of four Technical Specification Groups.

Any telecom system consists of a number of logical network elements where each element has well defined functionality. As a consequence link budget can be improved by several dB due to the decrease in header size. State the main functions of the network elements. The quantity configuration defines the measurement quantities and associated filtering used for all event evaluation and related reporting of that measurement type.

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The Scheduler is an essential QoS enabler. Once the message is successfully decoded I will be transferred to the upper layer. This functionality provides the means to start and overwrite the broadcasting of warning message.

This document is not intended to replace the technical documentation that was shipped with your system. In this case a failure will be indicated to the upper layers. Each of those QoS parameters has an uplink and a downlink component.

What kind of information needs to be exchanged over the different interfaces? The measurement identity is used as a reference number in the measurement report. Listed cells - these are cells listed within the measurement object s. The value of Bj can be negative.

There are two types of the Random Access preamble groups. Depending on the amount of scheduled resources, more or less bits are selected for each transport block. This can either be periodical or a single event description. Beamforming is not applied. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the procedural specification, the system information acquisition procedure overwrites any stored system information.

The actual handover execution is decided in the source system. Broadcast in the entire cell or beamforming. That is, the source system adapts to the target system.

PDF) LTE Protocols and

Therefore, as and when required, the standardization body can easily alter protocol stacks and planes to fit future requirements. Bj is initialized to zero when the related logical channel is established.

The support of any suitable data link layer protocol, e. In the low bandwidth networks, using header compression results in a better response time due to smaller packet sizes. This procedure erases any existing application level configuration data in the two nodes and replaces it by the one received.

PDF) LTE Protocols and

Packet Data Convergence Protocol. Cause indicates that the bearer s are subject to data forwarding. In the downlink, the Scheduler operates on individual logical channels, with scheduling priorities based on a Round Robin or Proportional Fair scheduling strategy.

Medium Access Layer (MAC)

Each profile is specific to the particular network layer, transport layer or upper layer protocol combination e. This allows operators to offer new, innovative. Each data stream is carried on a dedicated transport bearer. Logical channels configured with equal priority are be served equally. What nodes are involved in the traffic case?

Authentication is becomes very important once billing issues are discussed. What is a Logical Channel? It also allows the receiving entity to verify that the received data has not been modified in an unauthorized way. These techniques are well suited for flexible bandwidth operation. Therefore, it must not be considered as a specification of the system.

Major difference is in creation of Source to Target Transparent Container. One filter can be configured per measurement quantity. Always refer to that technical documentation during operation and maintenance.

Any ongoing data forwarding may continue. These logical network elements are connected through a number of open interfaces.

LTE Protocol Stack Layers

The structure is based on the principle that the layers and planes are logically independent of each other. If no suitable cell is found the Initial Cell Selection procedure shall be started.

Blacklisted cells are not considered in event evaluation or measurement reporting. These are only two of many questions we in this course are going to find an answer to.

It should pass it to the transport layer for interpretation. However, the value of Bj can never exceed the bucket size and if the value of Bj is larger than the bucket size of logical channel j, it is set to the bucket size. In order to be defined as an open interface requirements have to be defined in such a detail that enables two network elements from different vendors to operate.

The cell-ranking criterion is applied. It contains mechanisms to transfer context data between evolved nodes, business development manager duties pdf and to update node relations on C-plane and U-plane.

LTE Protocols and Procedures Introduction

The number of re-segmentation is not limited. Once a suitable cell is found this cell shall be selected. If a better cell is found, that cell is selected. In order to be able to do that lets look into the Measurement and Measurement Reporting mechanisms.