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There is a lot you can do with Keyboard in GarageBand for iPad. Recording or Playing both can be done directly from your iPad.

We can and will surely provide more information and tutorials in subsequent posts, only if there is an appreciable response. Play the first section of the song and tap Stop when you are done. Click the Play button to stop the song playing. Place the pointer anywhere in the space above the keys and drag.


Click an effect checkbox to turn the effect on or off. When you show the onscreen music keyboard, by default it displays a four-octave range of keys.

Apple GarageBand Tutorial

Select a single region by clicking it. If you drag a region over part of another region, the region being covered is shortened to the edge of the overlapping region. The better way to do it is by email or iTunes.


In notation view, a square note value button appears at the upper-right corner of the Advanced area of the editor. The master volume curve appears in the master track. You can change the sound of the overall song by adding effects or a volume curve to the master track. The first term after Choose is the name of the menu in the GarageBand menu bar. In the timeline, select the Real Instrument track you want to enhance.

You can record one Software Instrument track at a time. Without releasing the the mouse button, drag to the point where you want the pedal up marker. Optimize your Quantization settings by Tapping on Quantize Button. Select the track, then click the Track Info button to open the Track Info window. Choose an item from the pop-up menus, or drag the slider, to adjust an effect.

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Move the playhead to the point in the timeline you want to start recording. Adjust the settings for the preset to get the sound that you want. Select the note, then drag up or down.

To begin editing your songs in Garageband, you should at first have some working knowledge about certain important parameters. Working with Software Instruments GarageBand includes an extensive set of Software Instruments, including drums, guitars, pianos, organs, stanag 3797 pdf and synthesizers. Garageband is another unique gift from Apple for audiophiles and more pertinently for music creators or prodigies altogether.

To make it easier to follow the lesson as you work, print the lesson before you start. You can then add more sections to the existing ones or adjust the length of sections already created. Drag or double-click the numerals to enter a new playhead position. You can edit each type of region in a variety of ways.

Some parts of drum set like hi-hat and snare drum will also produce different sound depending on the area you touch. Renaming Regions Renaming Regions You can rename a region in the editor. When you record a Real Instrument or Software Instrument, or add a loop, you create a region in the timeline. To use the selected region as a loop throughout the length of the song, you will have to Tap again after you select the specific region. You can change input settings and add effects to a Real Instrument track in the Track Info window.

Extensive Garageband iPad Tutorial
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We tried to help and provide as much as we could in a single post. Click the Solo button with the headphone icon to hear the track by itself. You can play and record instruments that otherwise are way too expensive or sometimes even beyond a mere humans means. You can make several changes to the song, then step back through the changes using Undo.

Purple regions show record parts from Guitar Amp or Audio Recorder. Click the loop in the results list. Click the notes on the keyboard. How to record a track while watching the track view? Chords used by the smart instrument guitar, keyboard, bass or strings can be edited for different variation or order rearrangement.

Extensive Garageband iPad Tutorial

There are two major ways you can utilize in Garageband for iPad to record Drum parts. Also, a particular Keyboard setup can be saved which can then be accessed from a custom category. If you have created your own loops or added loops from another source, you can also choose to display only those loops. Click the name to type a new track name.

Apple GarageBand Getting Started Manual

Apple GarageBand Getting Started Manual

You can edit notes and edit controller information including velocity and pedal markings for sustain in notation view. Now navigate the Playhead to the start of destination bar, double tap the empty space and choose Paste from the Menu. You can find loops using keywords for instrument, musical genre, or mood. You can use the GarageBand onscreen music keyboard to play and record Software Instruments. Use these controls to add and adjust effects.