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The sepia and cyanotype options let you adjust the saturation. If there are still areas blinking reduce the exposure compensation again. The camera automatically creates copies in which dark or backlit subjects are brightened using the D-Lighting option and the contrast and saturation vividness are enhanced. Tap the shutter release right. Batteries, Memory Cards and Maintenance for more information on sensor cleaning.

Loss of detail in the highlights. This is a more advanced exposure mode because the camera is not choosing any settings for you. After choosing your picture, select the size for your small picture.

When setting your exposure manually first choose the aperture or the shutter speed as your primary adjustment. Press and hold to lock the exposure and focus.

Nikon's Active Dust Reduction System activates automatically, along with Airflow Control technology to reduce the amount of dust that reaches the sensor. Nikon retain ownership of the Manual and all copies thereof and all related intellectual property rights, css advanced guide pdf and reserves all rights not expressly granted to you under this Agreement. Please indicate the Nikon carnera this accessory will be used with. Use the multi selector or command dial to move to different photos. You have the choice to play back images from the current folder or all folders.

Nikon D60 Key Features

Keep your elbows propped lightly against your torso for support and place one foot half a pace ahead of the other to keep you upper body stable. Frame interval allows you to choose how long each photo will be displayed. It covers everything from charging the battery and inserting the memory card to composing and reviewing images. This brings up a screen that allows you to change shooting information. If you need to change your time zone or adjust the date format you can do that here.

It will press it down to lock it in the closed position. This tells you where Transfer is putting your photos so you know where to find them! Hopefully this helps straighten things out in your head. Press the multi selector up and down to highlight a setting. If image sensor cleaning is performed several times in succession, image sensor cleaning may be temporarily disabled to protect the camera's internal circuitry.

Single frame default setting Camera shoots one photograph each time the shutter-release button is pressed. Published by Elsevier, Inc. After selecting one of the retouch items you choose the photo from your memory card that you want to adjust.

Page Menu Guide This chapter explains the details and specification of five camera menus. When using the other User's Manual lenses, refer to the provided with the lens.

The camera will automatically select the focus point containing the main subject closest to the camera and focus on this subject. Use for high contrast scenes, for example when shooting brightly lit outdoor scenery through a door or window or shooting of shaded subjects on a sunny day. The metering options are matrix, center-weighted, and spot. How do you know which white balance to pick? The end with this clipped corner goes into the camera first.

The info is still in a box overlaid on your image. Use the left and right buttons to move from one number box to the next. Also accesses the Help information about various camera settings and functions. The monitor turns off briefly while settings are reset. Please check all that apply to your household.

After selecting your first image, repeat the process for choosing a second image. Attaching A Lens Make sure the camera is off before inserting the memory card. Is an important feature used to make sure that when the lens brings your subject into focus, your subject also appears sharp to you. Slide Show Create a slide show of the photographs in the current playback folder.

You would then be able to print the photo using Print Set. The Retouch options you applied appear at the top of the screen. Take a picture then look at the photo.

Nikon D60 User Manual

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Page Using Camera Menus Display menus. To best support the camera place your left hand, palm up, against the bottom of the camera.

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Due to the low light in the background the camera will require a slower shutter. Using the self-timer or a remote ensures that you are not touching the camera when it takes the picture.



Affects the appearance of colors overall, introducing slight shifts in color. Using the remote you could position the fabric in the background and take the picture at the same time. These two extremes of having one element in focus or having everything in focus is the result of changing the aperture.

Panning is also supported. Used when doing long exposures to avoid light coming in the viewfinder. Press to begin the slide show immediately. It also gives you more control over the color in your picture.

This information appears in a box overlaid on your image. Or at worst, your eye can actually make out the individual pixels, and your photo begins to look more like a mosaic than, well, a photograph. Part of choosing an aperture is deciding how you want your photograph to look.

Plug the cable into the top opening. If your highlights are overly bright they can become a distraction.

More On Playback More on Playback This chapter explains photograph playback in the camera monitor, and protection of photographs from accidental deletion. As you fit the back of the lens into the opening in the camera, line up the two circles.

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