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The book has never fallen out of print, and in the early twenty-first century it appeared for the first time in paperback with a trade publisher. Shoot, I even remember one of his books in the library where I grew up. Your email address will not be published. It is a comprehensive, well-researched, and masterful history that is an instant classic! Truth seekers have always come from the edges.

Religion itself should be glad they do. This was a very powerful strain of social gospel Christianity that was popular among Liberal congregations into this century. Belief in a mind-body connection in health. Just ordered a copy though Amazon.

American occultists evangelized esoteric ideas and planted the seeds for alternative New Age spirituality and self-help concepts, like positive thinking, that have spread around the world today. Read it Forward Read it first. Belief that spiritual understanding is available without allegiance to a specific religion or doctrine. After a discussion of the Freemasons, the books spends quite a bit of paper on Spiritualism.

Mitch Horowitz and Occult America pt.1

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Horowitz even spends a few chapters to talk about Black American mystical practices.

Horowitz, I recently read your book Occult America. There is a section on politics and the occult, always a dangerous combination. It shows a consistent internal theology and probably stands as the single highest expression of the various philosophies that emerged from the European occult revival. In his precise and often detailed history of mysticism in America, Mitch Horowitz, has, in a way, tracked the evolution of our consciousness over years. From its earliest days, entrenamiento para maraton principiantes pdf America served as an arena for the revolutions in alternative spirituality that eventually swept the globe.

What was the title of his wrttings? The last historical figure we address is Henry A.

We also spend some time on writer and spiritual teacher Ernest Holmes and his philosophies of mind power and positive thinking. What was the name he wrote under? But if you want a book about men in black robes trying to summon Beelzebub, you best look elsewhere. Horwitz discusses the role of the seer Andrew Jackson Davis in the rise and fall of this movement.

Then Mitch relates the intriguing story of the Publick Universal Friend, a spirit channeler that was the first public female religious figure in the country. See all books by Mitch Horowitz. From Moses to Gandhi, Jesus to Muhammad, Lincoln to Obama, hidden dimensions, in both our personal and collective consciousness, were conceiving, constructing, and shaping the course of civilization.

Occult America by Mitch Horowitz

Belief that human consciousness is evolving to higher stages. He dropped a coin in one and had a scroll delivered to him about the future. Many chapters are spent on Manly Hall, who created his masterful The Secret Teachings of All Ages from endless visits to the public library. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Mystic Nation OCCULT AMERICA by Mitch Horowitz

Occult America

Yet the mystical roots of our identity are often ignored or overlooked. William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press. The book was a fun read and I learned a lot from it. What linked many of these groups together was their desire to create positive social change through inner perfection. Spalding spent most of his time laboring as a solitary claims prospector.

The Scalding of Sapientia Richard Gavin. It was very popular around the turn of the last century and many cities still have large Theosophy halls.

It opens the eyes of the relatively uninitiated, in which I include myself, to the effect the occult has had, is having, and will have on the American experience. Belief that thoughts, in some greater or lesser measure, determine reality. As with everything else, these movements never go away.

Across these pages troop spiritualists, prophets, seers, psychics, numerologists, transcendentalists, theosophists, and historical figures from Mary Todd Lincoln to Marcus Garvey to Henry Wallace. Horowitz shows there is plenty of evidence the board was around in one form or another before it was patented.

Next, the Hoodoo experience of abolitionist, editor, orator, author, statesman and reformer, Frederick Douglass, at a crucial moment in his life. The Ouija talking board is another distinctly American invention.

Rummah is a member of a secret order so clandestine that he can't even remember what it is. Thank you, Vernon Robinson. Wallace was an avid esoteric student and is responsible for suggesting the placement of the reverse of The Great Seal of the United States on the one dollar note.