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Discover how our family of solutions can help you increase productivity and prepare you for the workplace of the future. Polycom video solutions allows this international company to collaborate with its subsidiaries all over the world.

Controlling What You See To avoid security risks, Polycom recommends that all participants communicate the state of their padlock icons verbally at the beginning of a call. The conference phone operates as a microphone, and as a speaker in audio-only calls. Play Dumfries and Galloway. The multipoint viewing mode configured on the host system is the one used in the Polycom, Inc.

HDX Series HD Video Conferencing System

Press Home to save your change and return to the Home screen. Lower costs, increase usage and simplify the meeting experience with Skype for Business video.

Skype for Business Video Guide Lower costs, increase usage and simplify the meeting experience with Skype for Business video. Any changes appear in Favorites. The effect is similar to a weather newscast on television.

Download the guide to see how your organization can benefit. Adjusting this setting can be helpful when the room arrangement results in strong light coming from behind the people in the picture. If a call is unencrypted, an unlocked padlock appears on the monitor. You can also manually refresh the global directory entries on your system. Select User Settings from the System screen.


Press Camera on the remote control. In today's fast-paced world, it is more critical than ever for organizations to adapt quickly and communicate seamlessly both internally and externally. Discover how our family of collaboration solutions can help you increase productivity and prepare you for modern collaboration.

Setting Video images from multiple sites can be automatically combined on one monitor in a display known as continuous presence. Press on the remote control.


When the indicators turn green, the call is connected. From the Favorites or Directory screen, highlight the group name. Entering a name or number on the Place a Call screen.

Takeback and Recycle Program. If you are using an EagleEye Director camera and camera tracking is on, you must turn camera tracking off before adjusting the camera. The last layout viewed is used for the next call. Alternatively, you can place a call to the first site, and then add other sites after the first call connects.

The indicators on the conference phone are red when your audio is muted. The near-site mute icon also appears on the monitor display.


Make sure that the Polycom system is not in a call. With the help of Polycom solutions, that distance is disappearing due to a larger network of urgent care facilities and telehealth. Polycom solutions have also enabled clinical training to be delivered to staff in remote locations. Go to the Favorites screen. Flexible, cost-effective, pdf about life high-definition communications from low bandwidths using standards-based H.

The red mute indicator on the front of the Polycom EagleEye View camera is lit when the system is muted or when a Polycom microphone is connected and muted. On the computer, click Connect.

Learn more about the specific business challenges this solution addresses and its key features, benefits and technical specifications. Controlling What You Hear The microphone might automatically mute when the system is asleep or is waiting for you to log in. Standard encryption except where prohibited by law.

Polycom HDX User Manual

Polycom HDX User Manual

Prologis employees in all departments meet regularly to save time and money and to promote meaningful interactions that lead to faster decisions. The software is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provision.

Polycom VisualBoard technology. Polycom Solution Support Polycom solution components only. Using RealPresence Desktop, Mobile for Android, and Platform, patients can connect with specialists without having to travel long distances to receive treatment in person.

Polycom HDX Series

It is important that you do not move the microphones as this might detract from the stereo audio experience. From travel cost reductions to thousands of hours gained in productivity, Buro Happold, the renowned engineering consultancy, finds a better way to work with Polycom. You can edit any contact that was created locally. Secure clinician to patient network.

POLYCOM HDX USER MANUAL Pdf DownloadPolycom HDX 9004 Setting Up

Polycom HDX 9004 Setting Up

Video conferencing collaboration solutions are for more than just work.