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Ebook - pdf - tamil - Sarithira KathaigaL

Kuravan Chinna malai came out and seeing thennavan and puthuvili he was surprised and joyous. She after getting the flowers went inside the hut and prayed lord shiva. These forces were at the port of Kudankulam because there was fear of attack from ilankai and other eastern countries through sea.

Kathaikal In Tamil documents

Each bundle of food grain was easily carryable by a man. She sat and started cooking the mid- day meal. There will not be much soldiers inside fort to challenge the siege.

It means that they must have conquered Madurai. But by the sun set we must find the king. Even though he was angry, he was cleaver and sensed that it is more important to save the Madurai King, Thennavan and puthuvili.

Meghala knew nothing about that so she asked the duo to get inside the hut. The crowd looked like an small kings army. The smile conveyed that the decision was already taken.

The plan was that singing a folk song, in which the pride of Madurai and Tirunelveli are to be scripted. There was always plenty of youths and middle aged men always there to accept his leadership, but Thennavan always rejected that.

Ebook - pdf - tamil - Sarithira KathaigaL

Ebook - pdf - tamil - Sarithira KathaigaL

Our Troops should be ready within an hour. Pulian wake up at the noise raised by enemy troop movement. While he was on his way, two man standing behind the trees watched him and his troops. There arose big noise and both the army dashed with each other like mountains. The soldiers, took the meal in their hands, and started eating.

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After reading thennavan face fell for some thinking and started toward his dent. He took both of them into his hut.

Meghala asked manimaran to wake up the guest who are still at sleep in the varanda. He split his forces in to group. Since majority of the Tirunelveli forces was sent to Madurai to help them, Pulian was made incharge of the River Tamirabarani boundary by the King of Tirunelveli. The due after moving within the fort got tired. Lansing Police Department officer involved shooting.

Puthivili reached her dent and Thennavan reached his dent. There Peru Vazha ilanchi forces may be in trouble. Balasubramanian Sankaranaryanan. The forces put a stay and constructed small dents for its comfort.

By noon the sun was spraying his heated arms. After the meal was over, the order for march was given to the soldiers. The supply lines to the fort was totally cut.

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For the past one month, there haven rumors of, a far north chola king, war being waged against south kingdoms of Tamil Nadu. Because of the guests at the varanda, industrial safety signs pdf she has made it enough for four. Popular in Armed Conflict. Their presence inspired their vigour and fighting sense.

Kathaikal In Tamil documents

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After coming out of the garden, he joined them both. By seeing the action, the guards left him in with respect. Within seconds, like the ants coming out of earth, on the northern bed appeared so many soldiers. But we might have imagined the thing to be of a particular character or size.

Thennavan Padai Part of Peru vala ilanchi Kingdom

She took one for herself and started drinking it. The food grains should be moved by hand. You go back and sent the news as and when available.

The sun slowly, embracing the earth. Thennavan witnessed all these happenings among the soldiers.

There is no word to describe her beauty. Their appearance aroused suspicion in pulian. The tiny piece looked like small palm leave upon which something was written. By hearing the song, their nearby soldiers may turn up.

The soldiers at the entrance stopped him and asked him to show the authorization to enter the palace. The cholas captured the king. Without food it would be difficult to walk in the mountain. One such kingdom is Peru vala ilanchi. She asked him to finish his brushing and bathing.

Be cause of their walking it will take two days to reach madurai. Even though he reached thirumangalam in the early morning there was no news from either puthuvili or thennavan till evening. On seeing the king, pulian saluted.