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But for me it was exactly what I was looking for, a bare-it-all, real life peek into Mao's private life. This man's private life is more insane. The book was praised for probably being the best, or only source for information about larger Chinese political events, disputes within the Chinese high command, plan de maison gratuit a telecharger .pdf and Mao's private life and character. This sharply drawn and insightful account brings to life this modern-day emperor and the tumultuous era that he did so much to shape.

Did it really have to be pages long? Only the traitors more traitorous and monsters more monstrous.

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During those years, Li compiled a series of diaries. His accounts are conspicuous for their absence of meaningful self-criticism. Some of the things that This doctor could have had a comfortable and fulfilling life but chose to join the spirit of the new China. However, others risked persecution for bourgeouis deviationism if they indulged this harmless preference.

Years ago I had read of Stalin's abuse at the hand of his stepfather. The book is longish but quite unputdownable. Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician. The volume includes chapters on politics, economics, U. But he died soon after reportedly under mysterious circumstances.

The Private Life of Chairman Mao

It's sort of an insult to people who actually were courageous at that time and committed much more drastic actions. Saw dreams about this book and Mao's court in Zhongnanhai. Learned so much from this book. Zhisui actually comes-off as a reluctant memoirist, which I consider unforgivably oxymoronic.

Li made his choices under a lot of duress - I think that is why the book is so good. This is why I would recommend it! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Is it possible to buy this book in China?

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Li, who has just given a thorough explanation of his journ I came to this book looking for a credible, respectable, fly-on-the-wall account of Mao Zedong's life. Although publicity for this book seems to emphasize Mao's sex life, Dr. Li's intimate account of this lecherous, paranoid tyrant, callously indifferent to the suffering of his people, will forever alter our view of Chairman Mao and of China under his rule. Li vividly reconstructs his extraordinary time with Chairman Mao. Who would have thought even someone like Chairman Mao?

The author exposes the inner politics of Beijing and the political logic of Mao. It is always interesting to me though to read accounts that give a sense of bad, bad, people as real humans.

Our view of Mao will never be the same again. Not once does he feels inclined enough to recount any of the countless conversations he had had with Mao.

The Private Life of Chairman Mao

As the title shows it's mostly about his personal life but we do learn quite a bit about his regime. When it came out it was scandalous. The overwhelming takeaway from a passage such as this is Dr. Li spends an inordinate amount of time speaking of the sexual and physical characteristics of his subjects.

And as incompetent, self-indulgent, megalomaniac, and arrogant as the rest of them. After its release he announced that he had even more to reveal which he planned to do through his second book. Li believed that the Chinese language edition of the book was not directly based upon his original Chinese manuscript, but that it was instead a translation based upon the English version. For example, he finds sex to Li Zhisui served as a personal physician to Mao Zedong for twenty-two years.

His revolution unified China and began its rise to world power status. This came across as both unethical and immoral, regardless of whether the then-patient is currently living or not.

This edition does not include a photo insert. The foreword to the book was written by Professor Andrew J. The dancers also had to pleasure Mao sexually.

Though he made many mistakes, his way of politics - Keep the balance in second rung leader- always keep them in clash among them self- is greatly helped him to sustain the power for long period. It was the only way to survive. The myth about Mao's greatness and the utopia that has eluded and will continue to elude all those who sincerely believe in the basic tenets of collective governance. When convenient this knowledge was used, but never applauded. It must have been both painful and cathartic to write this book.

Subordinates rarely rate more than footnotes in historical studies of such tyrants, but here motivations and actions of the lieutenants are extensively noted and compared. Looking back, I know that I was muddle-headed during those years. It would not be a cake walk for a non-Chinese to fully appreciate this book, but it should definitely be no harder to read than the Lord of the Rings.

Download eBook pdf epub tuebl mobi